A HUNDRED homeless people were shipped out of Greater London to be housed in Slough last year.

Figures from a Bureau of Investigative Journalism study show 49 homeless people from Hounslow were housed in Slough, with 21 from Richmond-Upon-Thames and 9 from Hillingdon in the last year.

Council leader Rob Anderson said: "I'm very clear what needs to be done - London boroughs have a duty to inform us if they are placing a family here.

"I can't blame the London boroughs, they are under such pressure, they move people from west London to Hounslow and then they end up being moved here and we are the end of the line. We have no choice but to send people up north if we have to.

"We have one of the highest waiting lists for housing - around 7,000 people. One concern is that our private rental sector will get filled up by people moving in from out of borough. Large employers are already complaining to me that their staff are struggling to find places to live."

The study collated figures from April last year and last month.

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