Slough Borough Council cabinet members are forging ahead with plans they hope will revolutionise household waste collection.

As the contract with the Amey company approaches the end, councillors formally agreed on Tuesday to start setting up a Direct Service Organisation to bring the collection service 'in house'.

Amey's contract expires in November. Until now the company has been responsible for waste and litter collection, street cleaning and highway maintenance.

The planned changeover is part of a five year plan which the council says will make the town a 'premier location in the south east for businesses of all sizes to locate, start, grow and stay'.

But concern was expressed at the cabinet meeting about plans to reduce the size of collection bins.

 Nick Hannon, Environmental Strategy and Governance Manager, emphasised that the plan had been agreed by the previous administration but could be reviewed at any point saying: "We can still offer 320 litre bins if people want it."