The proposed third runway at Heathrow may have won the support of Slough Borough - but there was a warning for airport bosses when councillors met on Tuesday.

Although members of the Slough's ruling cabinet formally confirmed that they welcomed the new runway, planning policy officer Paul Stimpson made it clear the council was not about to passively accept whatever Heathrow wanted to do.

He pointed out that the airport would have to accept some tough strictures about pollution levels, saying: "If they do not meet international standards of air quality they might not be able to operate and we have to make sure we hold them to account.

"My biggest concern is that we remain aware of the health profile and do not let that be overwhelmed by the financial benefits."

He confirmed that there were still questions that needed answering, saying: "We are meeting the Department of Transport next week to get some of those answers. They have been unable to answer some of our more technical questions before."

It is also not clear whether Slough will get any business rates as a result of the runway being built within its boundaries, despite the loss of rates it would suffer as a result of the business forced to move.

Mr Stimpson indicated that past history showed that Heathrow had sometimes been negligent about Slough's needs.