THREE fire engines were called out to tackle a fat fire at a fish and chip shop this afternoon (Tuesday). 

Langley Fire Station was called out at 12.20pm to The Chip Shop, Wellesley Avenue, Richings Park, to tackle a fire in one of their industrial fat fryers. Two fire engines from London also attended the scene. 

Two firefighters with breathing apparatus successfully dampened the fire with dry powder and CO2 extinguishers.

The firefighters were on the scene for an hour and a half. 

A spokesperson for Langley Fire Station said: "The owner's actions helped mitigate the risk, as he closed the cover and hit the isolation button. Without that, the fire would have had the potential to spread."

"We would like to remind people to not attempt to extinguish fat fires with water, and to contact the fire service immediately if they are unable to extinguish it."