A WEXHAM woman has become the first Buckinghamshire resident to undergo a new weight loss procedure.

Kayleigh Fellows, 28, of Wexham, was approaching the 19 stone mark when she decided to undergo medical treatment for her weight. Not willing to go through the complex surgery involved with a gastric sleeve or gastric band, Miss Fellows opted for a newly developed treatment: an internal slimming aid in pill form.

The 'gastric balloon', which is attached to a long tube, is swallowed into the stomach, after which it is inflated with saline water. The extra mass in the stomach means the person needs to consume less food before feeling full.

Miss Fellows has already shed 13lbs just two weeks after taking the pill.

Samer Humadi, a surgeon at Spire Thames Valley Hospital, Wexham Street, who performed the procedure, said: "We discussed several options with Kayleigh and the Elipse Gastric Balloon was the procedure that was most in line with her needs. However, the balloon alone will not be enough if she doesn’t change her eating habits so with this in mind Kayleigh will also receive regular support from our specialist dietician.

"The balloon isn’t for everyone - you have to have a BMI of 27 or above and have to be prepared to work with it – it still takes effort and willpower. It is a good procedure for people who want to kick-start with their diet or for people who want to lose weight quickly for a special occasion."

Mr Humadi warned that one side effect of the treatment was nauseous feelings for the first few days.

Miss Fellows said: "I am hoping the balloon will give me the kick-start I need to adjust my eating habits and that I will be able to train myself to stick to new eating levels once the balloon reaches 16 weeks when it will deflate.

"My target is to lose three stones with the help of the balloon. After that I hope my change in eating habits will then help me lose more weight as I continue with the new eating regime."