STUDENT sleuths have worked together to solve the case of the 'Sugar Snatcher.'

Over 800 pupils at Cippenham Primary School have taken part in a special detective challenge day, to uncover who stole the school's supply of chocolate.

Students were informed of the robbery in the morning assembly, where 'crime scene investigators' interviewed students and teachers about the robbery. Back in the classroom, the students worked to analyse the evidence that had been collected, which included suspect and witness statements, recordings taken around the school, and fingerprints taken from the kitchen cupboards.

One Year 6 student said during the day: "We’ve been trying to stay positive but this is hard! Every time we think we’ve got it, we find new evidence which makes us think differently."

Students also visited 'crime scenes' around the school, with some collecting evidence with tweezers whilst wearing crime scene suits, whilst others stepped into police roles such as sketch artists and location lookouts. At the end of the day, the students gathered into teams to pour over the evidence they had gathered. Putting together evidence boards and reconstructions of what the 'Sugar Snatcher' looked like, they eventually reached an unanimous agreement as to the chocolate thief's identity.

The detective day had been run by Enabling Enterprise, which creates challenges to improve students logical thinking and leadership skills.

Tom Varley, an education associate at Enabling Enterprise, said: "The students have really been stretched today, not only to solve the crime but also to develop these essential skills in a meaningful and engaging challenge.

"These skills are invaluable, not only for their future in the world of work, but for their everyday lives."

The chocolate thief was unmasked as XXXXX, and the children were rewarded with a chocolate prize for successfully tracking the 'Sugar Snatcher' down.