A MOTHER has pleaded with social services to return her children to her – saying she is a reformed character and has demonstrated she is fit to take them back.

Vikki Sears, 35, of Montem Lane, has five children, three of whom live with their fathers.

The second and third oldest - aged eight and seven - are in foster care, and she has been fighting to get them back.

Ms Sears said: “Social services first got involved in July 2016. I went out for my birthday on the first - I was drinking and using cocaine - I had been using cocaine for about three years.”

Ms Sears says social services subsequently removed her children from her care on July 2, 2016.

She said: “Social services told me to change my telephone number, and redecorate my house, and I did - I did everything they asked. I brought new furniture, new bedding - I kept telling my children they would be coming home.”

Ms Sears eventually took her children home from a contact centre in January 2017, after being assured there would be no retribution for doing so.

She said: “At 10.30pm that night, the police came by and removed my children from me. I still don’t know why.”

Ms Sears said she has successfully got herself off drugs, and has worked hard to prove she can be a fit mother for her children, yet has still had no clear indication of when, or if, her children will be returned to her.

She added: “I admit to being on cocaine in the past, but I’ve had 12 random drug tests now - all negative.

“I have a full-time job as a waitress.

“They can test me whenever they like, I don’t mind.

“But I never get any feedback from social services, no correspondence. They told me I needed to ‘better myself’, but I’ve done everything they have asked me to do.

“The case is supposed to be reviewed every six months, but I have never heard anything back from them.”

Slough Children’s Services Trust said they could not comment on individual cases.