A 72-year-old man who shot and killed a burglar threatening him and his frail sister must spend five months in jail.

Reuben Gregory fired his illegally held shotgun killing Wayne Digby, after being woken by his 60-year-old sister Kathleen's screams as the bottom half of their caravan door was ripped out of its mounting and a metal object or knife was thrust through.

He was given a 10 month sentence - half to be spent in custody, half on licence - at Reading Crown Court today for keeping the 12 gauge sable double barrelled top brake box lock shotgun without a license.

He fired it, killing Wayne Digby and injuring Tony Hearn as they tried to force their way into his isolated caravan on a field 250 metres from the Colnbrook bypass at 3.20am on June 12.

Judge Paul Dugdale told Mr Gregory: "I have given your case a very great deal of thought over the last two weeks. It is a difficult matter and the whole case is very sad."