Senior citizens went back to school on Tuesday.

The residents at Langley Haven Care Home in Rambler Lane visited St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School in Langley Road as part of the 'seniors and students, hand in hand' initiative.

The day was designed to stimulate the memory of the visitors, some of whom are living with dementia, helping them to reminisce about their school days.

It also created the opportunity for them to compare today's educational system with their own time.

The visitors 'class mates' with the pupils of year 7 and attended to a religious lesson, led by the teacher Paul Mullan. 

Divided into mixed teams, seniors and students created posters which will reflect the Christmas miracle. 

Asked about their impressions at the end of the visit, visitor Robert Ferguson said: ‘’The children today are more clever (not in a bad way). The way they are thinking is different.’’

Royston Barrel said: "In my time teachers were very intimidating. Today I notice how fearless and confident the children are about approaching them and this makes learning much easier.’’

Linda Rogers said: ‘’I’m surprised how welcoming the classroom is. In the school where I went, all the walls were white and empty.’’

Asked if they would like to repeat the experience, the seniors agreed that they now liked school more than they used to.