SLOUGH boxing sensation Adam Azim has become the youngest-ever Three Nations and Junior ABA champion.

In a matter of eight days, Azim was crowned the best junior boxer at 52kg in Britain and England.

The semi-finals of the 2017 Great Britain Junior and Youth Three Nations saw team England compete against Scotland and Wales in Rotherham.

Representing England, Azim was drawn against Marc Johnstone of Scotland.

Azim started out fast dominating the first round. The second was no different with Johnstone receiving a standing eight count towards the end of the round. The third was a strong round for Azim and he went on to win by a unanimous decision.

The final was an all-England affair with the Slough boxer taking on Harry Kinsella in a mouth-watering tie.

Azim gave away experience and age but started strong, landing the back hand with success throughout the three rounds. Kinsella had some success but was thwarted by the strength and guile of his opponent.

Azim won on a split decision 4-1 to be crowned Great Britain gold medallist and champion for 2017.

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: Adam Azim will now represent England at the Junior European Championships in Bulgaria.

The Junior ABA finals were held in Liverpool and coincidentally the repeat of the Three Nations final a week before.

Kinsella, who hails out of Kirkdale ABC in Liverpool, this time had the crowd support behind him in his hometown of Toxteth.

The atmosphere for the bout was electric. You could not find any space around the ring. It did not put off Azim, who was confident and came into the fight with a victory over his opponent the week before.

The first round was close with Azim landing the cleaner, more eye-catching shots. The Slough man had more success in the second, pushing his opponent back with some accurate counter right hands which worked well in their first encounter. The final round was all Azim who looked stronger, sharper and more accurate than Kinsella.

The final result was another split decision to Azim who becomes the youngest-ever Junior ABA champion, beating the previous record holder by two months.

Azim said: "I've had it all up against me throughout the campaign, being nearly 18 months younger than my opponents.

"I've trained hard for this. I knew that if I put the hard work in then I would get the results."

"It proves that age is nothing than a number. If you have the grit and determination then you can achieve anything.

"The next stop for me is Bulgaria where I will represent England at the Junior European Championships."

Azim has now won five national titles. Two times Golden Gloves schoolboy champion, two times Great Britain and one time Junior ABA champion.

Nothing is stopping the boxing sensation who trains out of Pinewood Star Amateur Boxing Club in Wokingham.