SLOUGH Wrestling Club won seven gold medals at their second tournament which saw teams arrive from as far as Bradford, Exeter, Wales and France.

With over 120 bouts from pre-school to veterans and heavyweights, it is now a popular competition in the British wrestling calendar.

Months of training came down to this event and the competitors were battling hard to earn a spot on the podium.

The tournament is also a tune-up for the English and British Championships.

The competition was televised and will be aired by the AKAAL channel - Sky 843.

Slough winners were Diyaal Singh (minis 32kg), Sandeep Khera (boys 49kg), Jaap Kaur (girls), Saroop Singh Bal (cadets 71kg), Yahiya Abdullah (cadets 87kg), Ranvir Singh (seniors 59kg) and Krasimir Mitkov (seniors 100kg).

The host club also won six silver medals and 11 bronze.

Slough Wrestling Club was established in 1993 and produced a number of British Champions. It is now the second largest in the Southern region and still growing under Ranget Singh and Inde Cheema.

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