MORGAN LAKE will compete at the London Anniversary Games before heading to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games in August.

Lake, 19, automatically qualified for the Rio Olympics after her victory in the high jump at the British Championships.

The WSEH Athletics Club star, who already boasts two World Junior Championship gold medals and one European Championship gold, is aiming to reach the final in Rio and will use the competition in London to fine tune her skills.

“Qualifying for Rio took a while to sink in because I was so focused on the competition. I still had to give my all and hold my excitement in. I kept asking myself ‘have I actually done this’,” Lake told the Observer.

“I’m still really excited and it has all gone quite quickly. I’m looking forward to competing at the Anniversary Games as it’s almost a dress rehearsal in a nice environment.

“It will be the first time this year that I compete against people who will be at the Olympics. I what to see where I’m at and what I can jump. I’m hoping to jump well this weekend and take it from there. I’ve had a little illness but at the moment training has been really good.

“I’m definitely injury free which is good because everyone is concious of being fit and healthy ahead of the Olympics.”

Looking ahead to Rio, Lake said: “I would like make the final and to be on television would be nice. I’m not asking for much!

“It’s definitely a step up to compete against the best in the world in any given sport, but this happens once in four years. I’ve got to take it all in but also be in the moment.

“It’s obviously very different to the World and European Championships because it’s a multi-sport environment. Everyone will be looking at us so there will be a lot of pressure, most of that I put on myself, but an exciting buzz around the place at the same time.”

“I was originally hoping to compete in the heptathlon, and there is no pressure on me in the high jump as I find it less stressful.

“Just to make the final this year would be amazing. Medalling is not in my mindset but it would be the most amazing thing.”