BURNHAM FC chairman Gary Reeves has raised £500 for Cancer Research UK in the build up to World Cancer Day.

Boxes of Unity bands have been on display at The Gore, Autodata in Maidenhead and the Ladies Health and Fitness Gym in Binfield.

The East Berkshire Football League has kindly donated £250 to the collection.

No-one needs reminding about how cancer is fast-becoming the worlds number one killer, and we have all been affected by it either directly or indirectly.

It seems that only a few short years ago information about cancer was limited. It is a disease the can best be described as awful. At worst it ruins lives in a way that can cause long-term suffering and pain.

Cancer Reserch UK are at the forefront of pioneering new ways to combat this dreadful disease. So much so that they have significantly helped with seeing survival rates double over the past 40 years.

It is with our help that they are able to continue with the sterling work they carry out, so it was with great pleasure that Reeves handed over a cheque for £500 in the hope that it will contribute in some way.

Burnham and Reeves were pleased to welcome Katie Beck from Cancer Research for their recent home game with Yate Town to receive the cheque.

There are still unity bands left at the club, so if you are able to donate to the great work that Cancer Research continue to carry out on our behalf we would be grateful.

It would be a great thought to think that one day the chances of us being affected by Cancer could diminish, but it cannot be done without the help of Cancer Research UK.

Reeves would like to thank all those who donated, as well as Autodata, the Ladies Health and Fitness Gym and East Berkshire Football League.