BURNHAM FC chairman Gary Reeves has vowed to take on the Football Association after they refused the club a reprieve from relegation.

Following their drop out of the Southern League Premier Division in the 2014/15 season, Blues were placed in Division One Central before the FA switched them into Division One South & West.

It was a move that put a strain on the club’s financial resources and, after a failed meeting with the FA at Wembley back in October 2015, the decision still mystifies Reeves.

Burnham were relegated again last season having finished second from bottom, though they hoped they could avoid the drop given those mitigating circumstances.

However, the FA have decided not to grant them a stay of execution and have now placed them in the Hellenic Football League for the 2016/17 campaign.

“I am stunned considering all that has been going on,” an emotional Reeves told the Observer. “Not to be given a reprieve leaves a really bad taste in the mouth and just doesn’t make sense.

“I’m emotional about it because it’s hard to keep the club going.

“I feel shafted and let down by the football authorities because things have not been done correctly.

“I really thought the constitution would be looked at and dealt with correctly, but I don’t think it has. I would love to know what the formula is.”

Burnham have now lodged an appeal against the decision, which includes a seven-page letter sent to the FA on Sunday, with Reeves desperate for answers.

“I’m appealing against the relegation because of the mitigating circumstances surrounding it. I want all the other aspects to be taken into consideration,” stressed Reeves.

“I have certainly made enough noise for someone from the FA to give me an explanation in black and white because it was not dealt with correctly last year.

“The rule was not applied correctly and I know that other clubs are still unhappy about not been given a proper explanation, they still want answers.

“I also want answers because we have been given nothing. I want to be told why we had been switched and I want closure because it’s been a hard season, but we got through it with a smile on our faces.

“People might think that we are moaning all of the time, and I don’t want to slag off the FA.

“I just want clarity and for someone tell me that I am wrong with a correct and proper answer.

“Show me how the FA applied the rule correctly because I don’t think they did.

“My gut feeling is that we will lose the appeal, but I had a gut feeling that we would be given a reprieve, so hopefully I’m wrong twice.”

Explaining the circumstances behind relegation this season, Reeves continued: “I was disappointed with where we were placed and we all know what has gone on this season, we have struggled.

“I feel like there has been a noose around our neck all season.

“Player retention has been very hard but the team that finished the season played with real passion and commitment.

“I really thought that we would pull clear.We got so close but that happens in football.

“We had to endure what has been a very difficult time and that effects playing staff as it would do at any club. Travel costs affected the playing budget and we failed to entice the local community because we were losing every week.

“Our home form let us down and you don’t bring fans in when you’re losing, but there is also no away support in the South & West because of the distances people have to travel.

“The season hit us hard and it was an experience, but we came through it in financial terms.”

However, Reeves says that whatever the outcome, Blues are already preparing for the future.

“If we end up in the Hellenic League we will build again and try to get out of it,” he declared. “Two relegations can happen, even to professional clubs, so there is no shame in it.

“We have already started to build for the new season with 16 players contacted, regardless of what league we are in.”