GARY Reeves has labelled a decision from the Football Association (FA) to reject an appeal from Burnham into the lack of a reprieve as “a farce”.

The FA switched Burnham from Southern Division One Central into Division One South & West for the 2015/16 season.

It was a move that put a strain on the club’s financial resources and saw them relegated for a second year running.

Reeves and Burnham had hoped for a reprieve from relegation but felt “shafted” when they FA decided not to grant them a stay of execution.

The club appealed the decision but were again rejected at a hearing last week, leaving Reeves irate and without closure.

“The appeal into relegation has been swept under the board,” he ranted. “I’m still not happy with the process over the last 12 months. It’s a farce really.

“We haven’t got closure as a club. Only the FA and Southern League has that. What makes me laugh is that Evesham United have appealed into being switched. How come they are allowed to appeal but we were not?

“People think that we are moaning all of the time but, when the facts come out, you will know what we mean, but that will not help us now.”

Reeves is confident that the truth will be unveiled at a Southern League meeting this Saturday though Burnham are already preparing for life in the Hellenic League next season.

“We are in the Hellenic League and they welcome us. At least we will be treated fairly by them,” Reeves swiped. “Sometimes you have got to go down to come back up and, all in all, it is another chance.

“It happens to other clubs and we don’t deserve to be at step three. It’s just the way it is. We were not good enough last year but I’m hoping to be in the top four next season.

“We have got a side together and will just have to build again. I think the chances of getting local players coming through the system is very good.

“We have got a group of 16 players together at the moment but I leave that up to Dave Tuttle (manager) and Luther Blissett (academy director).”