GARY Reeves has confirmed he will step down as Chairman of Burnham Football Club at the end of the season.

Reeves admits it has been a "very up and down last four years" for The Blues but he insists he leaves the club in a better position financially.

He is also recovering from surgery after a battle with prostate cancer, but will stay on for the handover to the new Chairman, which is expected to be announced.

In his last home game as Chairman, Reeves saw The Blues beat Royal Wootton Bassett 2-1 at The Gore, a result which saw them move off the foot of the Hellenic Premier Division table.

Reeves said: "With a tinge of sadness, Saturday was my last home game as chairman of Burnham Football Club.

"It's been a very up and down last four years. Even though there has been a couple of relegations it's been a privelige being Chairman of this lovely club.

"When I first came on board I had a vision and a plan. There are some things that I've changed and some that I had no chance of changing.

"Looking back, I wish there could have been more of a link-up with Burnham Juniors and more connection with the community and the village.

"But, these attempts always seemed to be very didfficult, to get locals interested in the club, even though we tried so hard.

"But, there is something there and hopefully whoever comes in can make that grow and develop.

"Some people ask me would I have taken on the job if I had known the full history of the financial troubles the club were in? Yes is the answer to that.

"I would always like the chance to change things and do not walk away from anything when the going gets tough. I love a challenge and a fight to put things right.

"Myself, Rod (Saunders, treasurer) and Malcolm (Higton, president) took some stick. A lot of which was unwarranted and not justified, but we stuck at it.

"The club has been here since 1878 and will always be here at the heart of Burnham.

"The club is now better off financially than when I first took over. Working closely with Rod, we've slowly dragged the club back from the brink.

"People would be amazed at the juggling we had to do to remain intact.

"This was at a cost. cutbacks affected playing strength with players and managers feeling the brunt of it. But, the club is the most important item of all and many, even in proffesional football, will know what I mean.

"All the decisions I took, along with Rod and Malcolm, were in the best interests of the club.

"Some of these upset former players and managers but the cutbacks had to happen.

"The club paid heavily for the season we won the (Southern) Central Division and we were promoted to step three which was the highest ever level the club had played at.

"The expenses that achieved this were well above what the club could afford but, saying that, there are many clubs out there in non-league and proffesional football that are guilty of it.

"Many mistakes were made at the club years ago and this affected progress, but they are well and truly behind us know."

Reeves continued: "I could honestly write a book on my experiences here. Many ups and a few downs but my passion never left me, even though 2016 was a hard and very difficult year.

"With my battle with prostate cancer and recovery after surgery in June - which meant that I had to take a backwards step to recover and not being able to attend weekly games - I've only attended around nine games this season.

"It's certainly been an up and down four years and I leave my post knowing I've done everything I can to help the club, and guide it through what was some rocky and sometimes very tricky periods.

"One thing I do know is that you have to have the skin of a rhino to be Chairman of any non-league club, but I loved it.

"The new Chairman will be announced in due course and I wish him well.

"I will be staying on for the handover and transistion, and will still be controlling the administration and all the relevant forms and governence that need to be in place for next season, and see where we go from there.

"I will take my time, recover fully and will be popping in for a few games next season, as well as getting to a few more Celtic games up in Glasgow.

"I've worked with some great people, managers, players and club volunters. From Natalie, Sue, Alan and Sharon in the bar to previous managers Martin Stone, Luther Blissett, Byron Walton, Chris Abbott, Robin Smith and Geoff Smith. Andy and Roxy at AM Print. Some worked out and some didnt but I enjoyed working with all of them.

"I've been to a lots of away games with some long journeys (particually in the south west) and met lovely people, and we all share the same passion for football.

"Lastly a massive thanks to Malcom, Carol, Rod and Margaret and to my mum Dorothy, and our gateman and steward, Barry.

"People don't realise the work behind the scenes that goes on at clubs at this level. Volunteers are in short supply so multitasking happens frequently.

"Many thanks to the many people who have texted and messaged me and shown their support for me.

"The biggest thanks goes to my wife Shirley who has been my rock through all the difficult times at football and in my personal life."

Burnham have one fixture remaining this season, away to Tuffley Rovers on Saturday, April 15 (3pm).