ALAN PARIS has opened his heart on the challenge he faces to rebuild the squad at Burnham having replaced Mark Betts as manager at The Gore.

Paris takes over with Burnham bottom in the Hellenic Premier Division having managed just one win from 13 league matches.

The new boss believes the squad Betts left behind is not good enough and has set his sights on luring new players into the club with the help of an experienced backroom team.

Speaking to the Observer, Paris explained: “I offered to help recruit players in the summer but Mark didn’t want it and now people are already at clubs so it’s hard to get them in.

“Most of Mark’s players have left now but they’re not good enough when you look at our position in the league. Only one win in 13 games is relegation form.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do to try and prize people away that are not playing or those in local football that want to play at a higher level.

“I’ve been to watch a few games and seen a lot of local talent but the challenge is to prize them away from playing with their mates.

“These people would rather have social football than test themselves at the highest level they can play. They’re not really interested in playing to their potential.

“I’ve spoken with a few players who said they would come down so it’s just about getting the best proportion of social and non-league players.

“I’ve watched two of the best sides in Slough and you can see the players are very close. Teams like Real Milan and Bentons have bonded together because they’ve been together for years.

“You’re looking for players to gel together and bond and when you have that bonding things become a lot easier on and off the pitch. We’ve not got that yet but we’re working very hard to do so.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of players and put in seven day approaches. I’m hoping to have a few new players for Saturday and more the week after.

“No-one does you any favours in non-league football anymore and it never used to be like that but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Paris continued: “What we’ve got to do is bring in players from all over Slough, but until then work with those that we have left, and each week we will get better and better.

“The players that have left are either not good enough or strong enough. You need to be a man in this league or at least a man in a boys body. Some of these players are not fit enough for this level of football.

“Games come thick and fast in this league and we have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. We will work with the players we’ve got at the moment because it will not happen over night.

“It is still Mark’s team at the moment and it’s up to me to sought after better players. The players that are left or I have inherited are not good enough. I need to get down to work and get my own players in.

“We know what we need and what it takes to win, and I’m working with a team of people that will help with that.”

Burnham remain bottom of the division following a 5-0 defeat away at Wantage Town.

Steve Robertson took the plaudits at Alfredian Park with his hat-trick, while Jack Dunmall and Nick Thorne were also on target.

The Blues welcome Abingdon United to The Gore this Saturday (3pm).

Paris said: “We need to get points on the board because we’re falling adrift of other teams. It’s a big challenge but I’m looking forward to it.”

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