ENGLAND women's team take on Scotland tonight in their opening match of Euros 2017.

The match can be viewed from 7.30pm on Channel 4. They'll also go up against Spain and Portugal in the group stages.

The group stage ends on July 27, and two days later the knockout stage commences with the quarter-finals. The final is on 6 August in Enschede.

Here are the groups...

Group A: Netherlands (hosts), Norway, Denmark, Belgium

Group B: Germany (holders), Sweden, Italy, Russia

Group C: France, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland

Group D: England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland and Portugal have qualified for the first time.

Here's the full schedule of games:

Wednesday 19 July:

Group D Spain v Portugal (Doetinchem) 18:00 England v Scotland (Utrecht) 20:45

Thursday 20 July:

Group A Norway v Belgium (Breda) 18:00

Netherlands v Denmark (Rotterdam) 20:45

Friday 21 July: Group B

Sweden v Russia (Deventer) 18:00

Germany v Italy (Tilburg) 20:45

Saturday 22 July:

Group C Iceland v Switzerland (Doetinchem) 18:00

France v Austria (Utrecht) 20:45

Sunday 23 July: Group D Scotland v Portugal (Rotterdam) 18:00

England v Spain (Breda) 20:45

Monday 24 July:

Group A Belgium v Netherlands (Tilburg) 20:45

Norway v Denmark (Deventer) 20:45

Tuesday 25 July:

Group B Russia v Germany (Utrecht) 20:45

Sweden v Italy (Doetinchem) 20:45

Wednesday 26 July:

Group C Switzerland v France (Breda) 20:45

Iceland v Austria (Rotterdam) 20:45

Thursday 27 July:

Group D Portugal v England (Tilburg) 20:45

Scotland v Spain (Deventer) 20:45


Saturday 29 July Winner A v Runner-up B (QF1, Doetinchem) tbc

Winner B v Runner-up A (QF2, Rotterdam) tbc

Sunday 30 July Winner C v Runner-up D (QF3, Tilburg) tbc

Winner D v Runner-up C (QF4, Deventer) tbc

Semi-finals: Thursday 3 August QF1 v QF4 (Enschede) tbc QF2 v QF3 (Breda) tbc

Final: Sunday 6 August (Enschede) 17:00