TOM Heeks believes Drifters will be after payback for the ‘gutting’ Bucks Bowl final defeat to Slough when the two rivals clash again this Saturday.

Following an exhilarating draw in the cup final, Drifters lost out on penalty kicks and head coach Heeks still has nightmares about the defeat back in December.

The two sides will clash again at Tamblyn Fields in the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Premier (2.15pm) and Heeks explained how his team is keen to show the Greenies what they can really do.

“The final was a gutting way to lose a game of rugby but actually it was played in great spirit and probably brought the clubs closer together,” he told the Observer.

“We had a few beers after the game and though their coach was very pleased to have won, he had some sympathy for us.

“We’re certainly up for the game on Saturday and it has been in the forefront of our minds. The final has given us our motivation. Revenge is a strong word and although there’s a rivalry between us, it’s a friendly one.

“Payback is our motivation and we’ve seen an influx in numbers at training. We want to prove it to Slough and to ourselves, a new year new me kind of thing.”

Heeks continued: “I’m not sure about Slough weaknesses but our strength is the speed at which we’ve been playing at, and our defence has been excellent.

“It puts opponents under pressure and we’ve found that teams struggle. It will certainly be interesting to see how Slough react.

“I’m going to say that we are the favourites but when we play one another it tends to be an exciting game of rugby. It’s shaping up to be an excellent game and I’m sure it will be very entertaining for the neutral.”

Both sides had preparations for the derby match interrupted by postponed games last weekend, Drifters at home to Risborough and Slough away at Didcot.

Slough remain eighth in the table while Drifters lost second place to Hungerford after their 48-7 home win against Phoenix on Saturday.

Phoenix, still second from the bottom in the league, head across Berkshire again on Saturday, but this time to Tadley.