SLOUGH Town goalkeeper Mark Scott is set to return to Arbour Park on Saturday two weeks after suffering a broken neck that has threatened to end his career.

Scott, 26, shattered his C6 vertebrae at the base of his neck following an accidental collision with Nana Owusu in the 3-2 win against Basingstoke on March 4.

He underwent surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford two days later when a part of his hip bone was taken to fuse a metal plate to his neck, which is now stable.

Scott has been at his home in Camberley for over a week but is keen to thank all his well-wishers, including those who donated on Crowdfunder, where over £6,600 has been raised to help him and his family during the recovery period.

“I’m 95 per cent sure I will be there. I’m mobile but do need to wear a neck brace. It would be nice to see the lads and the fans and thank them,” Scott told the Observer.

“A few of the lads from the club came to visit me in hospital so it’s been nice. I’ve been very lucky to have had this help with it.

“To have this kind of support has been so overwhelming.

“I’ve tried to get through all the messages on social media and reply but it’s been mental. It is the sweetest thing.”

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: Mark Scott suffered a shattered C6 vertebrae following this accidental collision with Nana Owusu (in blue) on March 4.

Slough welcome Cinderford to Arbour Park this Saturday (3pm) where they hope to raise more money for Scott with a raffle that will include a signed England ladies goalkeeper’s jersey.

Scott has thanked physios Kevin McGoldrick (Slough) and Kelly Rutledge (Basingstoke) for their professionalism and speed after the collision.

“I remember everything and wasn’t unconscious at any point,” he said. “It shows how lucky I was to have Kevin and Kelly at my side.

“If it were a Sunday morning amateur game I could’ve been dragged off the pitch and who knows where I would be now.

“I saw the ball and came to collect it, then saw the player. I braced myself for the collision and there was a sharp burning sensation in my right arm and a pain in my lower neck. Kevin came over and I felt dizzy with spotted vision.”

Commenting on the time spent in hospital and the operation, he said: “I had an instant CT scan. They told me it was an unstable fracture and any wrong movement could put pressure on the nerves.

“There were two days until the operation and I got no sleep. I was so scared of twitching and doing something to my spinal cord. It was a stressful lead-up to the op because of the lack of sleep.”

Scott continued: “The operation went well. I had an X-ray after and they seemed happy.

Slough Observer:

PHOTO: Mark Scott will be sidelined for six-nine months but does hope to return to football.

“I’ve got to go back to hospital in six weeks and see how successful it was. They will determine whether or not I’m able to go back to work, or if I need further rest and recuperation.

“It depends on whether or not I can drive because I work in quite a remote place and can’t work from home.”

He added: “I’m pretty bored at home to be honest. I’m just sat around watching TV and playing Football Manager. I’m just getting used to the game now because I’ve always been so busy.

“This has been the worst week because everyone has gone back to work now.”

Scott has insisted that he would like to return to football, but it will not be for at least six to nine months and will depend on how confident he feels.

He added: “I’m just not sure where I will be mentally. If there’s a 50-50 will I bottle it or not? I will know a lot more when I return to training but I’m sure I would miss it quite a lot.

“The reality hit me after the CT scan and I got quite upset at the thought that’s me done for the promotion race and how much worse it could’ve been.

“I suppose there are pros and cons to being a keeper with this kind of injury, but I’m lucky it’s not worse.”