BRAD Wadkins has explained the rotation system in use at Slough Town this season has boosted morale and consistency within the squad.

Wadkins joined The Rebels from Chesham United in the summer and has scored eight goals in 13 appearances, including a hat-trick in the 5-1 win against Gosport Borough on Tuesday.

The striker admits the rotation process can take some getting used to, but he has backed any player within the squad to take their chance when it is handed to them.

Speaking to the Observer, Wadkins said: “It’s a great squad here. There’s a lot of rotation, but all the lads deservedly could pretty much walk into another team in this league. Everyone knows that and it’s why the morale is really high here.

“Everyone understands their job and you can see when the rotation happens we’re still getting results, so I’m fairly comfortable about the squad.

“Rotation can be frustrating, but given the opportunity you’ve got to take your chance and I speak the same for everyone else.

“I am not used to it myself, this is the first season, but I’ve struggled with injuries lately which I’m still trying to get over fully, so I suppose in a way it has helped me and long may it continue.”

Looking back on the victory over Gosport, he said: “It was comfortable in the end. We’re a good team at home. We always fancy ourselves and it’s just a case of keeping the momentum going and being disciplined.

“All round it was a good team performance. It could have been more, it probably should have been more, but it was a good scoreline in the end.

"Every game is the same, no matter who you play you're going for the three points and that is what we done on Tuesday, so it keeps us up there.

"My own performance could have been better but I always make room for improvement.

"Manny Williams helped me to get that man of the match performance to be fair. But it's three goals, another hat-trick, so onwards and upwards I suppose.

"I do set myself targets but I don't tend to say it out loud . I keep that to myself and I still plan to set more targets come the second half of the season."

Commenting on The Rebels' incredible FA Cup run, Wadkins said: "We've got the FA Trophy game first so all thoughts go on to that and then we will take the FA Cup game when it comes.

"We get the week off next week so it will be the first Tuesday off for a while, so we will make the most of that I suppose.

"It carries high expectations but we've won four games already so we will go in confident and hopefully get to the second round."

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