BACK in 1965 the landscape of British comedy changed as radio show Round The Horne burst into the nation's living room. 

And I think my dad has been telling the same jokes he heard then ever since. 

Or that was the conclusion I reached on Monday at the opening night of Round The Horne - The 50th Anniversary Tour at Theatre Royal Windsor.

With its well-loved formula led by Kenneth Horne beginning with the answers to last week's questions, a movie spoof, a musical interlude and finally a magazine style section featuring regular characters the show nestled itself into the comfort of every day life.

And according to the laughter and response from audiences for this tour still would today. 

Julian Howard McDowell takes on the role of the ever cool and straight man leading the charge, Kenneth Horne. His delivery was superb as the frontman to the whole host of characters. 

Trying to mimic a legend is not easy but Colin Elmer's Kenneth Williams was hilarious and endearing. On occasion he strayed to the Frankie Howard way of "ooooo" but seeing as he was copying the un-copy-able we can let him off.

Jonathan Hansler adopted the role of Hugh Paddick with ease and was a riot to watch in his own right. 

And Eve Winters as Betty Marsden had Fiona's "I know you know" nailed. 

Presenting the two part play as though it was two separate shows was Nick Wymer as Douglas Smith.

This theatre production by Apollo Theatre Company has been designed to celebrate the legacy of Round the Horne.

And it really does. 

For those who grew up listening and chuckling away this will be a reminder of those great times and how much they loved it.

It's a great way to introduce new audiences to the show - a set-up that seems to have really laid the foundations for countless others after it.

Round the Horne really was a product of its time. But that product has helped to shape not only comedy shows on radio, but also TV with many adopting the formula.

Not only that. It helped shaped the sense of humour of many people who, if they are anything like my dad, used the style of delivery in the most annoying way. "Dad, can you put the kettle on?" "No, it won't fit me."

It's fair to say without even knowing it Round the Horne will have influenced your life. 

And Tim Astley's production and direction of this 50th anniversary tour allows that to continue.

Round The Horne - The 50th Anniversary Tour
Written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman
Compiled and directed by Tim Astley
Rebecca Curley
Visit or call 01753 853888.