DINOSAUR Zoo is the reason our government needs to introduce theatre visits into the national curriculum as a compulsory lesson.

That might seem quite bold, but it is true. 

If schools had the budget and the time to enjoy such productions as Erth’s brilliant, educating, entertaining and fascinating show Dinosaur Zoo then not only are we exposing our children to a lesson in pre-historic creatures, but to the world of theatre, drama, sound and much more. 

I say that because the thing that stood out for me the most with Dinosaur Zoo which is on at Windsor’s Theatre Royal until Sunday, is that you are learning without even realising it.

Whatever age you are. 

My four-year-old son and six-year-old daughter sat in awe as the puppet dinos came onto the stage. And we all sat in amazement at the design effect and the different facts that stampeded onto the stage. 

There was so much enjoyment throughout the entire 50 minute set you forgot you were looking at puppets. 

This is family theatre at its best. And you learn without even realising it. 

Delivered by Erth puppeteers and performers - Shaun Morton had us roaring with laughter and held us captivated as he ‘led’ us around the zoo. 

It’s unlike any other performance I have been to and although restricted in an older theatre setting such as Windsor’s it opens up a world of interactive drama in such a way that you are left with only one feeling. 

That need to shout “Encore, Encore.”

As an aside: You know you have seen something great when your kids can’t stop talking about it. Not only did mine not stop talking about it (it was even the discussion over breakfast this morning) but by the time we had got home from the theatre they had sorted and decided how they were going to get all their puppets out and put on their own puppet show. 

Now that is vlaue for money. 

Dinosaur Zoo by Erth is at Theatre Royal Windsor until Sunday. 

Times vary. Visit www.theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk for more.