A MAN suffering from paranoia died after he fell three storeys from his home an inquest heard this morning (Thursday).

John Stephen Rhatigan, 39, of Clifton Road, Slough, died on January 26, after he was found face down in a car park by a neighbour at around 7.20pm, At the inquest in Windsor Guildhall, coroner Peter Bedford revealed Mr Rhatigan had a history of paranoia, depression, mental health problems and drug abuse.

The father, also tore his home apart several times because he thought it had been bugged.

Since being diagnosed with depression in 1993, Mr Rhatigan was regularly admitted to the department of mental health at Wexham Park Hospital and Cascade rehabilitation for drink and drugs at Upton Park Hospital in Slough.

His medical notes revealed that he had previously admitted suicidal thoughts, but had always said he would never do it because of his religion and children.

Just hours before he fell Mr Rhatigan had spoken to an agency employee for care in the community, Lesley Saunders, after she saw him on the balcony as she took a cigarette break.

During their conversation Mr Rhatigan said he had taken the drug speed and threatened to jump because he said he was in trouble and was going to prison, however, the career said he seemed calm when they finished talking.

Sarah French, Mr Rhatigan's girlfriend told the coroner they had been arguing over the phone and she had received nasty text messages. Miss French said she last spoke to her boyfriend at around 2pm, but said he never mentioned any intention of jumping.

A post-mortem carried out by Dr Mufeed Ali a pathologist at Wexham Park Hospital, declared the cause of death as multiple injuries and a toxicology report revealed no traces of alcohol but revealed a therapeutic dosage of medication and a high concentration of speed.

Mr Bedford recorded a narrative verdict of death from multiple injuries in an unwitnessed fall at his home address.