A DEPRESSED man who told his wife she would never see him again committed suicide an inquest has heard.

Sajinder Takhar was found hanging from a tow rope in a garage near his home in Randall Close on March 3 of this year.

The 40 year old had been experiencing marriage difficulties and had been arguing with his wife Harinder just hours before he was found dead.

Mrs Takhar confirmed to coroner Peter Bedford that it had not been unusual for her husband to suggest he was going to harm himself and thought nothing of it when he told her she would never see him again.

Mrs Takhar added: "He had been depressed and said things like that before. He would usually go to cool down and then come back." Mr Takhar left the family home at around 2am on March 2 and when Mrs Takhar woke late the following day to find he was still not home she began to worry and went looking for him.

The first place she went to was the garage they owned where she saw her husband's car parked.

However when she went inside she found her husband hanging from the ceiling.

An ambulance and police were called to the scene but Mr Takhar was already dead.

A report from his GP Dr Asif Ali confirmed that the recovery driver had a history of depression and had been prescribed medication.

His condition deteriorated when he lost his job and he separated from his wife.

However weeks before his death he had reconciled with Mrs Takhar and moved back into the family home and was attending marriage counselling.

Despite a death in the family Mrs Takhar says there was nothing to her knowledge to suggest her husband was going to end his life.

She added: "That week we were very close and the whole family was together, in a way my uncle's death brought us back together." Toxicology reports confirmed Mr Takhar had no alcohol, drugs or medication in his system at the time of his death and a post mortem found marks around his neck consistent with the tow rope.

In his summing up Mr Bedford said: "There is clear evidence that he had been diagnosed with depression and given medication. After looking at all the evidence I can be satisfied that he deliberately took his own life." A verdict of suicide was recorded.