SCOUTS had their scrubbing brushes at the ready to clean up war graves as part of a project to remember our fallen heroes.

The 1st Langley Scouts spent Saturday afternoon tidying up the 21 war graves at St Mary’s Church, Langley, before investigating the history of the soldiers buried in them.

It is part of their project to publish a document revealing the stories behind each soldier.

Dave Raynor, scout leader, said: “We are trying to find out as much as possible about them. We have been able to find copies online of the original enlistment papers for some of them which is fascinating - to see the actual signature of the person is a real privilege.

“The intention is the scouts will write all this information into a website linked to St Mary’s Church and produce a good quality document to help anyone who is looking for more information about the war graves in future. If any local people know any stories about the war heroes we would be happy to include them.

“I think this is something that really resonates with the children because they realise some of those sent to war were only a bit older than they are now.” Twenty-two soldiers are buried in the 21 graves - one grave contains two brothers who were killed just months apart in 1917.

Another of the heroes, George Antell chief petty officer in the Royal Navy, was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for his bravery in action during the First World War. He also served in the Second World War before dying in a train crash in Slough while on leave in 1941, the scouts have found.

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