VILLAGERS are being called on to come together and help organise a popular annual Party in the Park - or face losing it forever.

The Iver Party in the Park (PITP) 2015 is under threat because of electioneering laws which ban elected representatives from running such events in an election year.

Thousands of villagers enjoy the event at Iver Recreation Ground every year, but many of its organisers are councillors from Iver Parish Council - which funds the event.

Now a passionate plea has been sounded for villagers to step in and ensure the show goes on.

Matt Streuli, vice chairman of Iver Heath Drama Club, said: “This means we, as the communities of Iver, Iver Heath and Richings Park, need to form a committee/charity to run PITP within the next week or two.” He said roles would be varied, but could range from getting quotes for mobile bars or organising and maintaining a contact list of volunteers. The committee would have to meet every two to three weeks, he added.

“Please don’t be fooled – this is a major undertaking,” he said. “Myself and a couple of others met informally with some of our parish councillors to gain an insight and to confirm what has to be done – and the amount of work and time is immense.

“But if we do not form an independent body to run PITP 2015 then there will not be a PITP 2015. As I am sure you can imagine, if we miss a year it will make it all that much harder to get it restarted in years to come – if we ever manage it.” The parish council will still fund the event, suggest ideas and advise the committee, but can not run the show, Mr Streuli added.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, July 4, 2015.

He said villagers with the energy and passion for the community are wanted. Anyone interested is urged to outline any experience they have which may help in an email to