AN INSPIRATIONAL relief charity founder was surprised on a hit TV show with a family holiday and new car after being nominated for his dedication helping a community during the floods.

Ravi Singh, a Langley father-of-three, appeared on ITV show Surprise Surprise on Wednesday night after being nominated by Somerset pub landlord Jim Winkworth.

Mr Singh, chief executive of Slough-based humanitarian charity Khalsa Aid, answered Mr Winkworth’s SOS call during this year’s floods which ravaged parts of Britain.

Unbeknown to Mr Singh, Mr Winkworth and partner Sally Taylor had nominated the charity worker for the show. It features people who 'deserve a once-in-a-lifetime surprise’.

He told The Observer this week: “We just got on with our work, helping people. To be given all this was amazing. We became very close to the community in Somerset after the work we did. I love what I do and meeting new people. I never expected something like this.” The couple told Mr Singh they were heading to ITV studios to be interviewed for a documentary on flooding.

However when he got there, he was surprised by host Holly Willoughby, who presented him with a family holiday to America to travel Route 66 next year and the keys to his restored former clapped-out 87’ Chevrolet Camaro.

The show featured a heart-warming piece from residents in the village of Burrowbridge, where Mr Singh and his charity workers spent days helping out. They lugged sandbags, helped move debri and brought clothing.

Villagers described him as 'courageous, inspirational and selfless’. One man said Mr Singh was 'one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met’.

The plan was hatched while Mr Singh was away helping Syrian refugees in Iraq earlier this year. The Somerset couple arranged the evening alongside Mr Singh’s wife Balvinder Kaur. “I can’t believe my wife kept it a secret for two months,” Mr Singh added.

The show secretly took his broken but beloved car and did it up, including repairing the breaks and adding new bodywork. JLS star Marvin Humes presented him with the keys on the show. “I loved the car, but it was always broken. I always planned to get it fixed and back on the road when I had some money,” he said.

The Singh family will also enjoy an all expenses paid holiday to the US in the Easter holidays next year. Mr Singh added: “I’m truly humbled by the generosity.” He plans to revisit Iraq and also Lebanon in early January to help relief efforts. And he had a word to add on the horrifying Taliban Peshawar school massacre, he said: “It really upsets me to see this. We say to people we love everyone, no matter what faith they are. Hopefully this can help inspire others to follow.”