Volunteer 'Rangers’ are needed to help maintain canal tow paths.

The Canal and River Trust are seeking cycling and walking Rangers at a range of locations all along the Grand Union Tow path Rangers play an important role in encouraging walkers, cyclists, anglers, joggers and boaters, to use the tow paths considerately.

They also attend and lead tow path events and guided walks, carry out visitor counts and encourage communities to get involved with their local waterways.

Rangers are needed at a range of locations along the Grand Union which runs through Slough, as well as the Regent’s Canal.

Rob Lansdown, who been volunteering as a Tow path Ranger for four years along the Regent’s and Grand Union Canals, said: “I had serious back problems and needed to lose weight, so I went on the “Waterways Diet”.

“I lost the 10 stone in a year by walking along the tow paths of London.

“Then I found out about volunteering as a Tow path Ranger and thought it sounded a great idea.

“It’s a good role, there’s always something going on or someone who needs some help – and it’s great to be of service to them.” Debbie Vidler, Canal & River Trust volunteer co-ordinator, said: “Our Rangers play a really important role in encouraging everyone using the tow paths to do so safely and courteously.

“It’s a really rewarding role, perfect for someone who likes working outdoors, so I’d encourage anyone interested to get in touch.” The Trust is hoping to recruit volunteers by the end of February. For more information visit https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/volunteering/opportunity/OPP0002880/volunteer-towpath-ranger-london