A FORMER doctor to the stars is facing legal action from his landlord after 'wrecking the house' inside six weeks and failing to pay his rent.

Alun Jones, 76 - who was once Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones' private GP - is currently renting a house in Upton Road, Slough, and told his landlord he needed to move in to the area 'as a matter of urgency' six weeks ago.

However, the landlord - Jo Wright - has now filed a Section 8 order under the The Tenancy Agreement Act, after finding her house 'in a state' and failing to receive overdue rent for the last two weeks.

She says the recently refurbished house is now infested with faeces as 'thirteen dogs and several cats' are living in the house.

In 2002, Mr Jones was given an official reprimand by the General Medical Council (GMC) after he admitted forging his ex-wife's signature in order to cash in an insurance policy.

The 76-year-old has since lost his licence to practice medicine, but says he is to appear in court in September in a bid to get it back.

Mrs Wright, a former president of Slough Chamber of Commerce and a former governor at Castleview School, said: "The guy has completely wrecked my house and has lied to me constantly from day one.

"He told me that his wife was dying and I've since found out that she is living with her boyfriend in London. He told me he had one dog called Dolly and the place is just full of untreated animals - the house is going to need a complete overhaul.

"I just want to get him out as soon as I can."

Mrs Wright concedes she did not take up any references before Mr Jones took up tenancy after listening to his story about why he needed the property so urgently and so feeling sorry for him.

Mr Jones has denied wrecking the house and claims the last few months has been a 'nightmare' for him and his family.

He told The Observer: "The last few months have been terribly expensive, what with barristers' fees and so on, but I'm no more than ten days behind rent.

"The house is in pristine condition, and if all goes to plan, I'll be leaving it very soon once I get my licence back."