A WANNABE pilot was brought to tears of joy by her GCSE results at Upton Court Grammar School.

Ellie Dennison, achieved 2A*s, 7As and 2Bs helping her on her journey to a dream career.

She said: "I am so happy, I can't stop crying and I keep making everyone else cry.

"I am pessimistic so I wasn't expecting them to be so good.

"It's such a shock."

Ellie has a passion for exploring new places and is hoping for a career that will take her all over the world.

She said: "I love travelling, I was only a couple of months old when I first went abroad to Australia and I have been back 10 times since."

Following her excellent GCSE results, Ellie will study maths, physics, sociology and p.e at sixth form.

She added: "I need to get good grades in physics and maths.

"Since I started school I always said I wanted to be a pilot and it has stayed the same ever since."