A SCHOOL in Slough has launched an exciting new school lunch menu in partnership with Taylor Shaw this month.

Wexham Court Primary has been growing their own fruit and vegetables, and the new partnership now allows the school to see through their ethos of eating a variety of fresh and healthy food.

The kitchen staff work closely with the pupils to ensure that they educate them about food and that they incorporate their award winning school-grown produce.

They now have four popular options including halal, non-halal and vegetarian selections with access to a salad bar and free milk.

The pupils are said to be very happy with the new choices, in particular with the fresh fish option, with a significant reduction in food waste.

During the launch parents sampled the new menu, commenting on how tasty the food was and the variety of choices available.

Year 6 pupil Danyaal said: “The food is really tasty, at lunchtime the children are finishing all their food.”

A parent, who tasted the food, said: “We are really happy with the food, it is much better. My child insists on having school lunches every single day now.”