A WOMAN has praised two Langley dentists for a 'miracle' curing her phobia.

Shannon Albrecht who used to be terrified of going to the dentist says that senior dental officer Tamsin Devon-Lowe and dental nurse Liz Price at the Community Dental Surgery, at Langley Health Centre, have changed her life.

Mrs Albrecht said: “They work so well together, they are always laughing and make me feel so comfortable.

“I went to them in January and I didn’t want to go at all, I was shaking, usually the nurse has to hold me down.

“My teeth were in such a state, I never opened my mouth.”

Due to a large abscess, Mrs Albrecht desperately needed to go to the dentist but avoided going due to her phobia.

She added: “I kept putting it off, it’s been a massive problem for years.

“I was terrified.”

Dr Devon-Lowe said: “It’s a small team and we are there to help people who are referred to us by other dentists and health professionals. I think everybody who works for the team wants to make the experience as friendly as we can.

“Generally, it’s very rewarding and we get lovely feedback on our patient satisfaction forms.”

The staff at the Community Dental Surgery, a service provided by Berkshire Health Care, made Mrs Albrecht feel comfortable enough to have the treatment she needed.

She added: “They work miracles."

“I have teeth I can smile with now.

“Now I look forward to going again to the dentist to see Tamsin and Liz.”