DOCTOR Who fanatic Tom Nichols, 24, enlisted an unlikely supporter to help his scout group fundraise on Tuesday (27/10).

Mr Nichols has a unique collection of Who memorabilia. So who better to hold the collection bucket than his own private Dalek.

He became a fan through his dad, who used to show him the classic old Doctor Who shows on video before its spectacular revival began 10 years ago.

Now Mr Nichols is a scout leader. So when a fund raising afternoon was organised at Absolutely Ten Pin in Salt Hill Park, Bath Road, Slough to raise money for the 3rd Upton Scouts be brought along the Dalek and his own 10ft tardis.

It took nerve to make a contribution though. Supporters had to taker it on faith that they would not be exterminated if they approached the sinister looking 'collector'.

Mat Read, who is manager at Absolutely Ten Pin, said: "The scouts are regular customers here so we were pleased to help them fund raise. Having all those Doctor Who props really added something."