AN INFURIATED passer-by was left stunned when she came across parking wardens parked on double yellow lines as they handed out tickets to motorists for the same offence.

Lorraine Graham snapped parking wardens on Wexham Street near to the entrance to Wexham Park Hospital last week, and was shocked to see that the wardens had parked on double yellow lines while they handed out tickets to other motorists.

Mrs Graham, who is from Twickenham but has been working in Slough for the last three years, said: "I often see them there. It is infuriating.

"Things like this I cannot stand. People come out and see a ticket because their appointment has run over or they do not know how long they are going to be.

"They often park in the road which makes it a squeeze to get past. The road along there is narrow enough near the hospital entrance and it is really quite irritating.

"As you come off the roundabout, the road is narrow and they always park at the end of the road. Buses or ambulances come through all the time and cars have to stop.

"It is causing traffic and people cannot get through."

A Slough Borough Council spokesman confirmed that civil enforcement officers (CEOs) are allowed to park on single and double yellow lines, as well as resident parking bays, pay and display bays and in all car parks, while they are carrying out their duty.

The spokesman said: "We encourage CEOs to park in non-restricted areas whenever they can. However, on some occasions they are required to briefly park on yellow lines to do their job. They are also encouraged to park close to where they’re ticketing to prevent their vehicles being targeted.

"We don’t believe the CEO was parked dangerously or obstructing traffic in this case."