THE temporary ice rink commissioned by Slough Borough Council to cover the time Slough Ice Arena is under refurbishment has been delayed.

It was due to open on Saturday December 17 but unfortunately the contracts have not been agreed.

Alison Hibbert, leisure services manager, said: “We've done all the initial works; the electricity company on stand by, full planning permission, widened the access road and done everything we can do to make this temporary rink happen.

“Unfortunately we're having to wait for the contract to be agreed.

"We feel that even if it is agreed today the company will not be able to install the rink and associated building by the 17 December.”

She added: “We realise this will be a disappointment to many and it is to us as well, and we continue to work with the company to move the project forward.”

Slough Ice Arena refurbishment started on Tuesday November 1 and the facility will reopen in December 2017.

It includes a major refurbishment extension incorporating a climbing centre; new roof, complete redecoration, new seating, barriers, plant and engineering.

The refurbishment of the main ice arena is being undertaken by Slough Urban Renewal – a 50:50 joint venture between the council and Morgan Sindall Investments Limited – on behalf of the council and is running to timetable.

Councillor Joginder Bal, commissioner for environment and leisure, said: “The new facilities at the ice arena are a once in a generation improvement and something which will benefit the whole of Slough.

“Unfortunately this delay in the temporary rink is something which is out of our control. We've worked extremely hard to make sure this temporary rink was possible, and are very disappointed that the project hasn’t moved at the speed we had hoped so far.”

Unfortunately until the contract is agreed we are unable to release an opening date.

How will a second delay to the temporary ice rink in Slough affect you or your club? 

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