A CHARITY that provided support to late night revellers for more than five years has announced it will close for good.

The Slough Street Angels had their final night on the streets of Slough on December 23 and will close down completely on New Year’s Eve.

There are Street Angels groups around the country who venture out on Friday and Saturday nights to offer assistance to clubbers and revellers who might have had too much to drink or lost their friends.

The decision to shut the Slough branch was made at the group’s recent annual general meeting with members citing the lack of volunteers, insufficient funds, and the belief they were not needed as much in Slough any more as the reasons for their closure.

The Slough group was founded in December 2011 and has been run entirely by volunteers from churches around the town and funded by grants and donations from religious groups, charities, other organisations and individuals. Slough Street Angels chairman, Deacon Andy Packer, said: “Sadly, in spite of numerous appeals, we do not have enough funding nor sufficient volunteers to viably continue.

“This is a huge disappointment for everyone involved as so much excellent work has been done. The fact that the streets have become so much quieter in the last twelve months has also influenced our decision to close.”

Deacon Packer added: “In some ways Slough Street Angels have been a victim of their own success.”

Others also paid tribute to the tireless late night work of the Slough Street Angels volunteers.

Slough’s MP Fiona Mactaggart said: “There are few organisations which can muster friendship and human solidarity up on an organised basis, but I think Street Angels did just that and that is hugely to the benefit of people who find themselves in vulnerable situations.”

The charity has worked closely with Thames Valley Police to achieve the success that means they are no longer required on the streets of Slough.

Inspector Andy Boomer of Thames Valley Police said the team has been an ‘inspiration’.: “I have always found the Street Angels team to be an inspiration in their dedication and the way they go about their work.”