A CARDIO health event helped to promote healthy hearts in the town.

The event, staged by Slough Borough Council, was held on the High Street on Saturday, January 21  and encouraged people to think about heart health as part of a scheme launched last November.

There were medical professionals on hand at the event to check people’s heart rates and blood pressure, both of which can provide an indication of heart disease.

The ultimate goal of the new programme is to lower the rate of heart attacks, unplanned cardiac related hospital admissions, and reducing the number of people who die early as a result of undiagnosed heart disease.

Cllr Sabia Hussain, commissioner for health and social care, said: “We are really pleased that through the Better Care Fund we are able to offer a cardiovascular disease prevention programme in Slough. We wanted to provide a service that targets those at risk and works with them to manage their own health and well-being needs. Preventing heart disease and diabetes is a public health priority as it can reduce the burden to the taxpayer, reduce hospital admissions and more importantly, save lives.”