NEW brighter and more efficient streetlights are to be delivered across the town.

A two-year programme to replace all of the old yellow sodium streetlights in Slough with LED bulbs is nearing completion.

Slough Borough Council (SBC) is now seeking out other areas that could benefit.

Councillor Fiza Matloob, commissioner for highways and transport, said: “The new white LED lights are proving very popular with residents as they are brighter, cleaner and provide a much safer environment than the old-style lamps. They cost much less to run than the old lights, use far less electricity and last much longer.”

However, the new lamps have were given a mixed reception on social media. One resident wrote: “I could read a book without the light on. The street lamp is shining directly into my garden and not on the alley way as it should. It’s very annoying.”

If you know of an unlit area that could benefit from the lighting, email or tweet @SloughCouncil.