A TELEVISION programme has raised further concern over the levels of immigration in Slough - with opinion firmly divided in the community.

An episode of the investigative BBC series, Panorama, looked in depth at immigration in Slough on Monday evening.

The episode, presented by Richard Bilton, pointed out that Slough has a lot to thank immigration for, as it has helped its economy grow to become one of the most successful in the country.

Unemployment in Slough is at the comparatively low figure of 1.4 per cent and the average wage in Slough is £558 per week.

Slough’s continued growth is largely due to its levels of migration.

The town is also the most ethnically diverse outside of London with 150 different languages spoken, and a census showing that two in every five of the town’s residents had migrated to the UK.

However, the programme highlighted problems surrounding the integration of such a vast array of cultures.

Sylwia Leszczynska, a Polish woman who came to Slough 12 years ago said in an interview that she felt that people did not want her there anymore.

Furthermore, white British people are moving away from Slough where they have become a minority in the past few years, the programme highlighted.

A couple who lived in Slough for most of their lives, moved to Norfolk, highlighting too much change.

In a poll on the Slough Observer website in December, 82 per cent of respondents said they thought racial integration was an issue following an academic study.

Deputy leader of the opposition of Slough Borough Council, Cllr Rayman Bains, told Midweek: “Firstly it’s important for us to look at the council and I think it’s a disgrace that there are no white British people on the cabinet.

“They need to represent the whole of the town and the same questions need to be asked as they would be if it was an all white cabinet.

“White British people are looking at the council and they do not feel represented.”

But he added: “The benefits that immigration brings is important.

“Slough is held as the example of a successful immigration model.”