An Italian woman who lived in Slough was killed when she tried to cut across a motorway lane on her motorcycle and was hit by a car, a coroner has ruled.

Cinzia Marangi, 27, of Horton Road, Slough was driving her Kawasaki motorcycle home from work in London on the evening of Monday, December 5, 2016 when she was involved in a collision with a Mercedes Bens shortly before the Junction 5 turn off on the westbound carriage of the M4.

The driver of the Mercedes, James Sheldon, said he saw a flash of lights in front of his car moving from right to left before a head came into contact with his windshield.

A witness from a block of flats nearby described how Miss Marangi had slowed down in the second lane, appearing to misjudge the time she needed to get into the slow lane before exiting the M4 at junction 5.

Miss Marangi then attempted to cut across the slow lane where Mr Sheldon was driving the Mercedes. Both Mr Sheldon and the witness said the collision had been unavoidable.

While giving evidence, Mr Sheldon said: “There was nothing I could’ve done. If I could’ve reacted in time, I would’ve but there was no way I could have stopped in time. She came out of nowhere”

At the time of the collision, Mr Sheldon had been on the phone to his wife via a hands-free device in the Mercedes, but a collision forensics expert said that it would not have impacted his reactions sufficiently for to prevent him from reacting in time.

He was travelling at around 70 mph at the time of the collision and no external factors affected either of the vehicles, Mr Sheldon’s visibility or the road surface.

Emergency services were called out to the scene around 10.45pm and arrived at 11.02pm.

When they arrived Miss Marangi was said to be in cardiac arrest and her heart was not sending any electrical output.

Paramedics administered some adrenaline and managed to regain circulation.

She was then taken to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford by paramedics where her injuries were declared unsurvivable.

She was pronounced dead in the early hours of Tuesday, December 6 due to brain trauma caused by the collision.

Emma Jones, Berkshire assistant coroner, said: “The collision was caused by Miss Marangi pulling across the lane in front of another vehicle.

“There was nothing Mr Sheldon could’ve done.”