A WOMAN has moved back home with her mother after the home she rented was deemed to be below standards by a council housing regulator.

Samah Rehan lived in the home in Bader Gardens, Slough for more than two months before she handed the keys back to the estate agents concerned.

Among a list of complaints, Mrs Rehan said that the company had not installed appropriate heating, there were faulty electrics in the property and that the hot water supply was inadequate.

Mrs Rehan said: “I’m not really happy to have had to move out. It’s not really fair on my mother to put the strain of me and my family on her, but financially we have no other options available to us.

“The house was not adequate for living in. They shouldn’t have rented it out to me and I want people to know about it before anyone else ends up living there.”

The house was rented from Langhams estate agents, who were sent a letter from a Slough Borough Council housing regulation officer on January 23 following an inspection.

The letter detailed work that needed to be done to address Mrs Rehan’s concerns, with a deadline of February 23, and described the house as ‘inadequately heated’ and labelled the hot water as ‘not hot enough for food safety or personal hygiene purposes’.

Irene Jones, property manager, for Langham estate agents, said: “I can see her point of view and if I were in her position I would have been unhappy as well.

“We have written to her since and offered her an apology.

“I think she may have been a bit naïve, we’ve rented that place out since 2013 and never had any complaints.

“We tried our best to meet the deadlines given to us, but we weren’t given the access we would’ve liked over the past two weeks.

“We realise it can’t have been a pleasant experience for her.”

A Slough Borough Council spokesperson said: “We had an informal inspection and provided some recommendations for the landlord.

“We are going back next week to do a formal inspection and then we will see if there’s a need to take it any further.”