A man who was seen with his penis out in his car by two thirteen year old girls has been found not guilty of exposure.

Frank Martinez Sanchez, 45, of Grenfell Road, Maidenhead appeared before Reading magistrates this morning (Monday, March 6) after he was accused by the two teenagers of masturbating in his car within sight of a public park.

But he was cleared after telling the court about an ongoing bladder problem which requires him to relieve himself promptly. 

The alleged incident happened on Saturday, October 22, 2016 when the two girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were walking down Faraday Road, Slough. 

The girls walked past a white BMW, which they claim was parked on the path, causing them to squeeze between the car and a hedge. 

The girls claimed that inside the car, sitting in the passenger seat was Mr Sanchez with his trousers around his thighs.

When giving evidence one of the girls said: "We had to squeeze really close to the car to get past.

"We didn't want to go onto the road cause we knew that could be dangerous.

"Inside the car I saw a man. He had his hand on his penis, going up and down.

"I said to my friend, 'Oh my God, look'.

"He saw that we had seen him and he smiled at us.

"I was shocked. I'm still having bad dreams about it."

The other witness said she had seen a man with his hands in his lap, with his trousers round his thighs and his penis on show, but that she had not seen him masturbating.

When asked to give evidence, Mr Sanchez, who pleaded not guilty, said: "I had been been experiencing problems with my bladder and kept a bottle in my car.

"The urge suddenly comes on and I can't hold it in.

"I had to find somewhere where I could go for a pee where no one would see me.

"I had passed the park, it was about 80 metres away from where I was parked. I wasn't in sight of it.

"I was trying to pee when the girls walked past my car. I have a jacket in my car to hide myself under when I pee. 

"It happens almost every day.
"When the girls saw me my reaction was to try and cover myself with my hands. I didn't think about using the jacket, it was like someone had put a gun to my head, it was an instant reaction."

For the defence, Mr James Kelly described the situation as an 'unfortunate coincidence'.

He said: "Flies on trousers are designed to be operated standing up and when men drive around and are operating pedals and things with their feet, things get moved around. 

"It can get fiddly down there, this was just an unfortunate coincidence."

The prosecutor Ngaa Zivuku questioned why Mr Sanchez had not chosen to seek medical advice for his condition and why he chose to not visit a shop or petrol station for a toilet.

Mr Sanchez said he was not a man who liked to see doctors, but that following the incident he had sought medical help. He also said that when he passed petrol stations he did not 'feel the urge' to go to the lavatory.

The magistrates ruled that while the girls may have seen Mr Sanchez's penis, there was no proof that he had shown it to them intentionally. He was found not guilty and released without further action.