THE TOWN'S MP hosted a Slough charity at parliament for an event to raise awareness of the struggle of Yezidi women.

Slough charity Khalsa Aid, based in Whitby Road, were invited by Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart to the the launch of a photographic exhibition showing the plight of Yezidi women in Iraq on Wednesday, March 1.

Slough Observer:

Khalsa Aid is supporting more than 500 Yezidi women who have suffered rape, enslavement and violence.

The exhibition, called #IAmYezidi takes a detailed look at the stories of women who have escaped those horrors and rescued their children from ISIS' grasp.

Their hardship is captured in photos taken by award-winning photo journalists and members of Khalsa Aid themselves in a bit to reflect the courage of Yezidi women in the same month as International Women's Day.

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart said: “Women are bought and sold to be used for sex by these cruel monsters. Horrifically, a girl of nine is priced at four times the cost of a forty year old woman.

"Everyone can make a difference; we can give money to Khalsa Aid to feed the women, or come to the exhibition and just help them to share their stories so that we can stop this happening again.”

The exhibition will run from March 21 to 26 at Lacey Contemporary Gallery in Clarendon Cross, London.

Visit to donate to Khalsa Aid.