Residents say they are struggling to share their roads with football fans, following Slough Town FC’s move to Arbour Park.

The Rebels moved to their new home back in September last year, but matchday parking has caused concerns for the inhabitants of some nearby homes.

The club has put cones out preventing parking along Stoke Road, which is a busy ambulance route to Wexham Park hospital.

It has also asked fans not to park in the neighbouring Stokesay cul-de-sac.

However, no restrictions have been put on the Lismore Park estate opposite the football ground.

Lismore Park resident, Lee Randell, said: “It is really surprising there hasn’t been a traffic accident by now.

“The estate has close to 150 properties on it, so you can imagine the chaotic traffic flow on Saturday afternoons as families tackle this unfair motoring assault course to go shopping, etcetera.”

The club has responded to the problem and says it is currently seeking a resolution.

General manager, John Porter, said: “The club in no way condones dangerous or selfish parking in any neighbouring area to Arbour Park.

“With the current season due to end on April 22 and with four league matches remaining, the club continues to actively encourage and promote alternative forms of transport and also provides detailed information of the car parks that are available for use on match days.

“The Arbour Park Community Facility was always planned to be completed in two phases. Phase 1 has been completed and Phase 2 will be completed in May 2017. Following completion (and assuming no change to our current parking arrangements) we should be able to park in excess of 310 cars on or adjacent to the facility.

“The club wishes to be a good neighbour and continue to work positively with the local community.”