She may have sampled some of the best food in the world...but sometimes you just really want a burger.

Prime Minister Theresa May supported her local McDonald's when she joined franchisee Atul Pathak and the chain's senior vice president Alistair Macrow to officially unveil the new look restaurant on Maidenhead High Street.

Rival McDonald shops in the area could not accuse Mrs May of prime ministerial favouritism, as she is of course Maidenhead's MP.

Following significant investment from local franchisee Atul Pathak, the restaurant in her town now boasts new digital menu boards and has also created an extra 20 jobs taking the total number of employees to 70.

McDonald’s franchisee Atul Pathak started his career as a McDonald’s franchisee 15 years ago and now runs 29 restaurants across North and West London and into Berkshire, including the restaurant on Maidenhead High Street.

He said: “The support we have received from Theresa May in her role as both our local MP and Prime Minister is fantastic."

Mrs May reciprocated: "I’m delighted that the newly refurbished McDonald’s has created 20 new jobs for Maidenhead."