The Green Party has withdrawn its candidate from an Oxfordshire constituency in a move it hopes will help defeat the Tories.

The Greens have now urged Labour to also stand aside in Oxford West and Abingdon and allow the Liberal Democrats to stand against health minister Nicola Blackwood.

It is the latest in a number of local deals where so-called progressive alliances are being formed between broadly left-wing parties to stop the Conservatives.

Sarah Wood, chairwoman of the Oxfordshire Green Party, said: “Our political system is broken, and it makes no sense that parties with many common values stand against each other and let the Tories through.”

The Lib Dems have already stood aside in Brighton Pavilion for Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas.

Labour rejected a similar deal for the Isle of Wight, despite Greens standing down for Labour’s Rupa Huq in London, though the likes of Labour’s Clive Lewis have voiced support for these alliances.