THE final list of candidates to stand for the general election in Slough have been formally announced by the borough council - after the deadline for nominations passed yesterday, Thursday, May 11.

The two latecomers to the fray, which may surprise a few, include town campaigner and former councillor, Paul Janik, who just last week stood in the Haymill and Lynch Hill by-election but came last. However it is understood he is standing to raise awareness of issues in the town.

And UKIP appear to have made a last minute entry to put forward candidate, Karen Perez. It had initially been believed that the party would not enter a candidate for the June 8 election.

The two join the three candidates who had already put themselves forward for the mainstream parties; Labour’s Tan Dhesi, the Conservative’s Mark Vivis who is the mayor of Amersham, and the Lib Dem’s Tom McCan who had previously stood against retiring Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart in 2005 and 2015.

The count is to take place at Montem Leisure Centre in Montem Lane from 10pm on June 8.