An ex-Slough and Eton School student, who spent five days at the Turkish border helping Syrian refugees, is now set to travel to Tanzania to also help the vulnerable there.

Naveed Akhtar, 23, from Baylis, travelled to Turkey with charity Islamic Help in October last year. He raised £3,855 which helped provide food for Syrian refugees.

Mr Akhtar, who graduated last July from Kingston University with a degree in marketing and advertising, said: “I wanted to do something in terms of giving back to the world.

“When I was at the borders about two or three kilometres away, bombs were dropping – I could see the smoke. I never thought about this beforehand, I did feel homesick, but the good outweighed the danger of it – it made it feel more honourable.”

Having never been worked for charity before his Turkish trip, Mr Akhtar now describes the feeling as addictive. He added: “I get enjoyment giving to the less fortunate, whenever I see a homeless person I give them food.”

He is now embarking on a trip to Tanzania from October 19 to 29 with Islamic Help and has set up a fundraising page to help the poor.

Cash raised will help provide long-term, permanent solutions. He added: “We will build water wells in the village so the residents do not have to walk long miles, we will also be providing them with mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

“Buying livelihood stock for residents will help them have a regular income. For the children we will be providing educational materials. We do not know yet if there is a school in the area we are visiting, if not we will build huts and if there is a school we will do as much as possible to help them.”

Mr Akhtar has created a YouTube video channel called ‘Naveed Akhtar’ where he has documented his time in Turkey. He now plans to do the same for his journey to Africa.

He has raised £3,580 so far, but needs to meet his target of £5,257 by September 17.

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