A FILMMAKER has produced a movie highlighting the importance of adoption.

Independent filmmaker Aaron Ellis, 23, of Burnham, worked with First4Adoption (a national adoption information service) to produce the film, in order to promote National Adoption Week and to inspire more people to consider adoption.

The film, The Room Landing is a short film that presents the moment a newly adopted child steps into their new home for the first time, and compares it to the feeling of walking on a new planet. Mr Ellis used footage obtained from NASA to create the film, splicing scenes of spacewalks with the adopted boy’s first foray into his new world.

The Room Landing premiered at National Adoption Awards on Wednesday, October 18 at The Foundling Museum, Brunswick Square, London. The film was shown to dozens, including Olympic Gold Medalist Tessa Sanderson CBE, and journalist and presenter James O’Brien, who hosted the event.

Mr Ellis said: “As a member of the LGBT community, I have thought about adoption since my teen years. This is because one of the first things you understand about being gay is that things will be different for you when it comes to having children. I myself plan to adopt in the future.

“By having these thoughts and conversations about adoption earlier in life you come to understand what adoption really is and realize that it’s this life changing, beautiful thing.”

“Our problem however is that the conversation isn’t being had enough – many people I’ve spoken to haven’t even remotely considered it or really even thought about it. It’s important to me to highlight that adoption is for everyone. Family is love, not DNA.

“I believe if we get the conversation going more often, and get it going in younger generations then there will be hundreds of more children with a forever home who may not have one otherwise.”

The film is expected to be released to the public in December.